Realtor Top Criticisms of Home Inspection Companies – Part 2

Realtor Top Criticisms of Home Inspection Companies – Part 2

Professional Realtors advise prospective homeowners to have a thorough home inspection done by a professional home inspector before purchasing property. Quality home inspections protect buyers from incurring costs after their property purchase. And, quality home inspections for sellers are sure to help sell a property faster and, for more money.

Exceptional service does not have to come at an extravagant price. But, shopping for the lowest price will usually buy the lowest quality. Just like Realtors, an experienced, quality professional home inspector and the report they provide are worth the home inspection fee. So, why is it that one of the most common criticisms of home inspection companies is the fee?

#2.) The Home Inspection Fee

What do experienced, quality Realtors charge? 6% or more of the property sale price? 6% of $150,000 is $9,000. That is a significant amount to add to a buyers mortgage. Then a portion of that goes to the Realtors brokerage. Do prospective home buyers or sellers shop for a real estate agent with the lowest commission fee? Sometimes. But not if they are smart. So why shop for the cheap home inspection?

The old adage , “You Get What You Pay For” is just as true for Realtors and Home Inspectors as it is for any other purchase or investment. Are there real estate agencies that cost less and charge smaller commissions? Yes. The “Help You Sell” type agencies for example charge only 4.5% or even less. Are the Realtors and Professional Home Inspectors worth their money? As a Realtor, are you worth what you charge? Your answer is “Of course I am”.  My response: “I believe you”. And, I am also worth what I charge for a quality home inspection. Not all home inspectors or the reports they produce are the same. Home Inspectors who are worth their fee offer many advantages that set them apart from the cheap inspections.

As a Professional Home Inspector, I am not an alarmist or a “deal killer” type of inspector. The inspector you refer shouldn’t be either. A quality home inspector does not provide “soft” inspection reports but at the same time understands that most any defect in a property can be fixed. A Professional Home Inspector knows how to keep the little things in perspective. As a Professional Home Inspector, I also back my inspections with a 100 Day Limited Warranty to resolve any “after the sale” problem calls.

Professional Home Inspectors like Selman Home Inspection are well trained, certified, licensed by their state and carry E & O insurance, vehicle insurance and liability insurance. All considerable overhead business costs. Quality home inspectors are confident in evaluating 1000’s of individual items in the most important systems of a home including foundation, electrical, plumbing, structural, HVAC and roofing and reporting any defect in these systems in a non-alarmist manner. Quality home inspection reports are easy to read, easy to understand, provide positive solutions and digital photos for clarity.

Every home inspection is different in the condition of the property, the age of the property, the quality of the original construction and the quality of any repairs or upgrades that have been made. I have never completed an inspection in less than 4 hours. Some have taken as long as 8 hours. Doing a complete and thorough home inspection is hard work and requires tremendous knowledge.

I am a Professional Home Inspector and, I am worth my fee. If the inspector you are using makes you criticize their fee, find another one. Like real estate agents, there are lots of home inspectors. As a quality home inspection company, it is my job and my business to provide a complete evaluation of a property, and, to reinforce the buying or selling decision. Remember, “You get what you pay for”.

In part 3 of this series, we will discuss “Put it back like you found it”. Until next time….

David Selman
Advanced Professional Inspector
Lic.# 10299
FHA/HUD # F537
Septic License #113423
Phone: 469-371-3228


“Accurate Investment Protection You Can Trust”

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