Does Your Home Inspector Use A Repeatable Process?

Does Your Home Inspector Use A Repeatable Process?

Most businesses have a process. A process for processing purchases, returns, new customers and a host of other business related transactions. I have heard real estate agents and clients talk about how most home inspectors do not have a process. Can it be true? Not in my home inspection company! From taking a clients call, to performing the actual inspection, to writing the home inspection report, to processing their payment, Selman Home Inspection believes in repeatable processes. So should the inspector you are using today.

After an inspection is scheduled with my firm, our inspector will arrive cleanly dressed, in a professional vehicle prepared to begin the home inspection process onsite. We will be on time and ready to answer any remaining questions you may have. Next, the inspector will provide you with a copy of our Home Inspection Agreement to ensure you understand our North Texas home inspection process and a copy of your Free 100 Day Limited Coverage. Then the technical portion of the home inspection process begins.

Our home inspection process utilizes a “three pass” methodology that ensures our inspector doesn’t miss anything. The inspector will make three passes around the exterior looking for and recording different items with each pass. Then, the roof covering is inspected for proper installation, age, debris and estimated remaining life. Next, we inspect the attic and the crawl spaces for structure, insulation, electrical and other items. Finally, the inspector will make three passes through the interior of the residence, again inspecting different items with each pass.

Home Inspection ProcessOnce the technical review portion of our home inspection process is complete, the inspector will prepare the inspection report for delivery. If you are present during our home inspection process, the inspector will review the report with you to verbally clarify anything that you have questions about and may also offer suggestions about dealing with any negative findings. When needed, the inspector will recommend specialist for specific needs or property deficiencies.

Using or referring a home inspection company with a proven process is an important step in you real estate buying or selling decision making. Any identified deficiencies in today’s building standards or the Texas Standards of Practice help sellers understand what should be in the disclosure document and helps the buyer understand the inspectors opinion of the properties condition. Why trust one of your largest financial  investments to anyone who does not have a process? Our home inspection process provides the expertise, tools, certifications, insurance and training to do the job right the first time. A home inspection process demonstrates your preferred home inspectors dedication to, customer service, quality and delivering compete and thorough home inspections that reinforce and educate you about real estate decisions.

David Selman
Advanced Professional Inspector
Lic.# 10299
FHA/HUD # F537
Septic License #113423
Phone: 469-371-3228


“Accurate Investment Protection You Can Trust”

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