Cool Resources For Home Buyers, Sellers & Their Agents

Cool Resources For Home Buyers, Sellers & Their Agents

Every real estate website has links to resources that the agents find useful, and that they hope their site visitors will enjoy. It is the same with Home Inspectors. Real estate website links tend to be more about property listings, agents, office staff, home warranties and all of the information and resources about buying or selling a home.

But, what about home maintenance, home inspections, home building, appliance recalls, reasons to hire an inspector, how to use a home inspection, how to understand home inspection defects and other information that home buyers can use to improve their buying or selling experience.

As real estate industry professionals and professional home inspectors, we can do more for our clients and increase the value of our services when we help to better educate buyers and sellers. Let’s do more than get to the pay check or bottom line.  By doing so, we not only gain respect as experts in our field, our clients will remember us and remember that we cared enough to provide as much information as possible to make the transition to or from a home a good one.

For my Home Inspection Company, this means providing value added resources in the form of links on my home inspection reports and my websites. I want to help buyers and sellers not to make a real estate mistake in this economy and, I want to help my clients avoid trauma, safety issues, worry and, most especially, buyers remorse.

Below is a list of resource links which my clients find very useful. As a home inspector, these are available on my website and, many are also part of my inspection reports. I hope you will take the initiative and add these and other helpful links to your websites, brochures and reports.

If you have other useful resource links that you can share, please do. I look forward to hearing what other value added resources I can use to improve my clients experience with my firm. And, I hope you find the resources above valuable to your clients.

As a shameless plug, I also ask you to link directly to my website where your clients can find the links listed above and many others.

Selman Home Inspections – Selman Home Inspection Company is a full service North Texas Home Inspection company serving Ellis County, Dallas County, Collin County, Tarrant County and surrounding North Texas. Free 100 day Home Inspection Coverage with every buyer inspection!


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