Home Inspection – Upon Taking Ownership Of Your New Home….

Home Inspection

Upon Taking Ownership Of Your New Home

After taking possession of a home, there are some maintenance and safety issues that should be addressed immediately.Selman Home Inspection Company always recommends hiring certified, licensed professionals to perform tasks which homeowners are not qualified or equipped to perform. The following checklist should help you undertake these improvements:

  • Change the locks on all exterior entrances, for improved security. Check that all windows, doors and the garage door are secure. Improve window hardware as necessary. Security rods can be added to sliding windows and doors. Consideration could also be given to a security system.
  • Install smoke detectors on each level of the home. Ensure that there is a smoke detector in every sleeping area and adjacent hallway. Replace batteries on any existing smoke detectors and test them.
  • Create a plan of action in the event of a fire in your home. Ensure that there is an operable window or door in every room of the house. Consult with your local fire department regarding fire safety issues and what to do in the event of fire.
  • Examine driveways and walkways for trip hazards and undertake repairs where necessary.
  • Examine the interior of the home for trip hazards. Damaged carpeting and flooring should be repaired.
    Undertake improvements to all stairways, decks, porches and landings where there is a risk of falling or stumbling.
  • Install rain caps and vermin screens on all chimney flues, as necessary.
  • Investigate the location of the main shut-offs for the plumbing, heating and electrical systems. If you attended the home inspection, these items would have been pointed out to you.
  • Review your home inspection report for any items that require immediate improvement or further investigation.

The usefulness of your home inspection report does not end even though you are now living in your home and the buying process is complete. Along with maintenance and safety items, your home inspection report is loaded with repair needs and improvement items. Your home inspection report is a great list to work from as a “to-do” list for improving the health, safety and quality of living in your new home.


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