What’s For Lunch?

What’s For Lunch?

Real Estate Agents and Home Inspectors along with others have one simple thing in common, “What’s for lunch?”. As road warriors traveling from house to house each day, we normally want to eat on the road between appointments.

Over the past few months I have come to realize that eating right on the road is not always more expensive than fast food. Eating right is not always faster than fast food. And, I feel better and perform my job better without fast food.

Now I am a fan of Whataburger and I love Chick-Filet. I think their food is great and they are fast. And I will contiue to eat there and other fast food places when the need arrises. However, for a little more than $7-$8 fast food, I can normally eat a healthier lunch for about $10-$12. Not only is the food better and better for me, it forces me to take at least a short break during the day.

For example, there are great cafes and small (non chain) restuarants all over the place such as “342 Grill” in Red Oak, Texas (a new local favorite). Like most small family owned restuarants, the food is good, and there are healthy choices in side dishes including the vegetables we miss from eating fast food. These sorts of places also normally have daily lunch specials to save you money. Spending a few extra $$ on lunch not only energizes your day but helps the small business owner rather than a corporate chain.

So, when you ask yourself “what’s for lunch?” today, consider looking for those small “mom and pop” joints with great food, healthier food, great service and, yes, the ever imporant “to-go” cup of your favorite drink.

So, let’s have lunch!


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