Your House Is Talking To You!

Your House Is Talking To You!
by Selman Home Inspection
As homeowners, we really should be listening to what our house is telling us. Yes, your home may be talking to you! Not in words but in quiet, whispering signs and evidence. Listed below are a few of the thousand of possible things your home may be trying to tell you:
Cracks in Walls
If your house interior or exterior walls have cracks, it may be time to pay closer attention to the moisture content of the soil around the foundation. It is important to repair the cracks in both interior and exterior walls but, only after any foundation movement issues have been resolved and routine watering programs are in progress.
If there is rust, corrosion or hard water stains on your plumbing fixtures, plumbing drain materials, water control valves or plumbing pipes, your plumbing may be telling you it is in need of repair. Or maybe some of the water fixtures are leaking whether they are being used or not…Corrosion and other evidence on plumbing materials in your house may be telling you it is time to replace some of those aging components.
Is your electric bill too high? Does your air conditioner run to long and to often? Your house may be telling you it is in need of improvements to the attic insulation and ventilation. Proper levels of insulation and proper ventilation reduce the time your air conditioning runs and save you money. Attic insulation and ventilation is one of the least expensive improvements you can make.
Air Conditioning
I know it is hot this summer like any other. But if your air conditioner is running more than usual, your home may be telling you that your HVAC system or ducts may be in need of service or repair. Is there rust in the condensation overflow pan? Is there standing water in the condensation pan? Is the difference between the return air vent and the air conditioning vent registers between 14-23 degrees? HVAC repairs can be expensive but are part of home ownership and should be well maintained to save money on expensive repairs or replacement.
After spring and summer storms, there could be damage or significant wear to your roof covering. Damaged or worn roof covering materials can allow moisture penetration into your home causing thousand of dollars of damage. What is the roof covering of your home saying to you? I need minor repairs? Or, It is time to replace me?
Doors & Windows
The doors and windows in your home may have something to say! Do the doors or windows stick or bind when opened or closed? If so, the doors and windows may be in a conversation with your foundation or your watering program.
Are your windows fogged or discolored? They are telling you that the thermal pane seals between glass panes are failing and should be repaired or replaced.
Can you see daylight at the edges of doors or feel air drafts at doors or windows? If so, it may be time to replace or improve the weather seals at the doors and windows.
Exterior Siding and Trim
Is the paint and caulk on your home peeling? Are there areas of wood rot at the siding, soffits, eaves or exterior trim? If so, your home is telling you that it is time for some exterior home maintenance such as replacement of damaged materials, paint and caulk.
Your largest investment may be talking to you or showing you what it needs. There are thousand of possible hints that your home offers you which tell you it is time for maintenance or repairs. If you need professional advice or a complete home inspection, Selman Home Inspection is at your service. Home inspections are not just for real estate transactions. As home construction professionals, we can help you identify and prioritize what your home is trying to tell you. Maintaining your largest investment and the safety of your family are our top priority.
Selman Home Inspection Company 
FHA/HUD # F537
Septic #113423

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  1. A good home inspection is helpful to buy a perfect new home and before the buying of the house home inspector can help you negotiate a better price and a the house is in right conditions.

  2. Shane Baker says:

    Great blog. Thank you for sharing.

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