Did Your Home Inspector Throw You Under The Bus?

We Won’t Throw You Under The Bus!
We hear you! We have heard lots of complaints about other home inspectors that will throw the agent under the bus. Not atSelman Home Inspections! We know and understand how hard you have worked with your clients to get them to a signed contract. Our mission is to be a valued part of your real estate transaction.
At Selman Home Inspections, we value our referring agents and the hard work you do. Here’s how;
  1. From the time a home buyer or seller calls us, we want to know who the agents are. Our process keeps the agents informed every step of the way. Our automated Inspection Support Network makes sure you know the day and time of the inspection and automatically sends you a copy. Agents and their clients can schedule home inspection 24/7 on our website or give us a call. We even have aspecialized website for your smartphone!
  2. Our home inspection process is designed to be part of your real estate transaction, not an obstacle.
  3. We both know that no home is perfect and defect free. Our inspection reports are written in a way that does not “alarm” or scare the client. We provide recommendations that take the fear out of the process.
  4. We review the inspection findings personally at the time of the inspection and explain how there are normally simple solutions to most any problem.
  5. We support our referring agents and the inspection with aFree 90 Day Warranty from Residential Warranty Services. RWS, provides a limited structural and mechanical warranty to the home buyer. So, if something does go wrong after the purchase, the client does not blame the inspector or the agent! There is a solution.
  6. Selman Home Inspection provides every client with Free RecallChek which checks the appliances in a home for recalls. And, each time RecallChek is emailed to the client, our referring agents contact information is there to promote your referral business.
  7. We welcome agents and our clients to attend as much of the inspection as they want. We are happy to explain findings as we go and recommend solutions.
  8. We understand that we are not Realtors! When a question arises that is best answered by you, the clients trusted agent, we recommend they speak with you!
  9. Every home inspection report we perform comes with an easy to read summary report. Many agents and contractors find our summary much easier to work from that the detailed report.
  10. We understand that every real estate transaction is important to you, the clients trusted agent. The home inspection is performed for the best interest of the client and our agent with due respect.
Ask your home inspection questions anytime athttp://www.facebook.com/SelmanHomeInspection
About Us

We take pride in our work as North Texas Home Inspection pros and strive to deliver the highest standards in quality, integrity, and value. We are dedicated to your real estate transaction and back every report with a more value and support than other North Texas Home Inspection company. Allow me to share some of the benefits of working with us and what separates us from others:

“Accurate Investment Protection You Can Trust”

Selman Home Inspection Company 
FHA/HUD # F537
Septic #113423

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