Take Home Inspections Seriously!

homeinspectiondefect2012 has been an awesome year for us at Selman Home Inspections setting new records for the number of completed home inspections each month. For this, we are truly grateful  We have met tons of new agents who now refer us to their clients along with agents who have referred us for years now all across North Texas. We truly value the agents who refer us and believe they have their clients best interest at heart.

If we could make a wish for 2013, it would be that all of our clients would take their home inspection seriously. One frustrating item we have encountered repeatedly this year has been those clients who don’t take the home inspection seriously. About one out of seven (estimating) simply get a home inspection or other inspection services only because it is required by their lender. After the inspection, many of those cleints then realize why it was important.

A home inspection is NOT just a formality to add additional fees to the cost of buying or selling a home. The home inspection we provide is designed to identify costly defects, educate, identify changes in building standards and most of all, to protect the financial investment and safety of the family who will live in that home. At Selman Home Inspection, we believe that the home inspection protects our clients and improves their lives.

We also believe it to be true that our home inspections protect the agents who refer us. In the real estate process of showing and selling homes, most agents are experts in what they do but are not experts in property conditions and standards. Even with disclosure documents, not all of the important defects are known. We don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad news, but when we are, it is not to “kill a deal” but to make sure people can make educated choices for their families. By identifying defects and safety issues, our home inspections also protect our referring agents from what they may not be aware of.

Being the professionals that most of you are, we ask you to encourage your home buyers and sellers to “Take the home inspection seriously”. The client is paying for home inspections, thermal imaging, septic system inspections and termite inspections costing normally anywhere from $300-$800 depending on the services needed. These fees are a one time cost that often have effects on property value and safety for years to come.

In closing, we also ask you to encourage your clients not to choose a home inspector based on the cost of services but on the added value, knowledge and experience of the inspector. We care about the agents who refer us and the clients we serve. We take our profession seriously and ask that agents and clients do too.


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